▪Provides reliable and accurate test results in noisy high voltage
▪Four standard models. Full stand-alone functionality or data acquisition
models without user interface.
▪Fast and safer with DualGroundTM testing, both sides of breaker
▪On-screen assistance with connection diagrams and test template
▪All models can be controlled via computer

1-4 days Delivery
100% Original and quality
Extended Warranty


The TM1700 series circuit breaker analysers utilizes some of the
ground breaking technology from the top of the line version TM1800.

There are four models starting from PC-remote controlled to fully stand-
alone. All models can be controlled from a computer using the well

proven data management and analysing software CABA Win.

The robust design offers powerful technology that assists the user to
achieve efficient and reliable circuit breaker testing. All inputs and
outputs on the instrument are designed to withstand the challenging
environment in high-voltage substations and industrial environments.
Galvanically isolated inputs and outputs makes it possible to perform all
relevant measurements in one test, eliminating the need for new setup
and re-connections.

The patented DualGroundTM method makes the testing safe and time
saving by keeping the circuit breaker grounded on both sides
throughout the test.

The timing measurement inputs are using a patented Active
Interference Suppression algorithm to ensure correct timing and
accurate PIR (Pre-Insertion Resistor) values even at high capacitively
coupled interference currents. The adaptive and easy-to-use software
allow the user to perform the test by simply turning the test switch
without the need for settings. The operator is only one click away from
advanced help functions such as connection diagrams. The 8” color
touch screen, with on-screen keyboard, allows the user to efficiently
operate this high-level interface.


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