1) Transformer Testing - DFR ( Dielecric frequancy resonce )

Field testing is the most important service that we can do to our customer … some customer don’t need to perform the test with himself ..So in techno Master we have an expert team in all field service .. Just call us.


Measuring ( tan delta) by frequency not by high voltage using our IDAX – Megger Sweden AB … This technique is a generalization of the capacitance and dissipation factor (tand) or power factor measurements usually done at or close to power frequency (50/60 Hz) difference is that several measurements at different frequencies are performed instead of a single measurement at fixed frequency.

We have the experience in this field .. because we own  a huge number of test around Egypt .. and we can advise you with the correct advises if the result was not okay !

2) DGA - Dissolved Gas Analysis

One of the most important indicators of predicting transformer faults is testing the transformer’s mineral insulating oil for dissolved combustible gases. This is similar to blood testing in humans to detect viral or other diseases.

Insulating materials within transformers and related equipment break down to liberate gases within the unit. The distribution of these gases can be related to the type of electrical fault and the rate of gas generation can indicate the severity of the fault.

The identity of the gases being generated by a particular unit can be very useful information in any preventative and predictive maintenance program. This technique is being used quite successfully throughout the world.


Kelman TRANSPORT X* portable DGA

(Dissolved Gas Analysis) and moisture in oil

The TRANSPORT X is a compact, portable DGA system which is designed to analyses oil samples in the field and obtain not only gas level readings but also deliver diagnostics based on standard rules.

The TRANSPORT X unit has been designed to be very rugged and user friendly with an emphasis placed on easy field operation. The unit is used by over 200 companies and utilities and has sold in excess of 1000 units worldwide.


Analysis will performed to ensure about the situation of transformer and the we will grant you the expert advise for your case .. please don’t worry … just try with us …!

4) Training

Techno-master provides training on operation and use of all kinds of test and measurement equipment . In Addition, Techno-master provides training on calibration systems and calibration techniques, as well as PC controlled calibration systems.