HORIBA TX-100 Tunable Laser Gas Analyzer

TX-100 is HORIBA’s in-situ laser-based HCl analyzer with a probe type optical system. The TX-100 is suitable for monitoring HCl concentrations in incineration plant flue gas streams and for the control of HCl removal processes.

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Name Tunable Laser Gas Analyzer
Model TX-100
Measurement target HCl and H2O in process gas
Measurement component HCl, or HCl and H2O simultaneous measurement
Measurement principle Non Dispersive Infrared (NDIR)
Measurement type Probe type
Laser class CLASS1(IEC60825-1: 2014)
Protection degree IP65
Wetted materials SUS316L、SUS304、BK7、FKM、PTFE、aluminum alloy
Tube connections Rc1/8 (Tube of 8 mm O.D./6 mm I.D.)
External dimentions Analyzer: Max: 358 (W) x 517 (D) x 453 (H) mm
Flange diameter (Max.):  Φ235 mm、 Length: 1500 mm
Probe diameter: Φ 89 mm
Weight Analyzer: 19 kg
Probe: 20 kg
Flange specifications JIS10K-100AFF、JIS5K-125AFF、ANSI 150 Lb 4BRF
Power supply voltage DC24V±10%
Power consumption 90 W
Display LCD (128 × 64 dots), LED (3 units: Status display)
Display contents Gas concentration, transmission, process gas temperature, process gas pressure, system status, alarm information, system information (product serial no., output signal, IP address, optical path length, analyzer unit internal temperature)
Communication ModbusTM/TCP
Analog input/output Input:
Two channels (Process gas temperature, process gas pressure)
4 to 20 mA (isolated input)
Two channels (Process gas concentration*, transmission, process gas temperature, process gas pressure)
4 to 20 mA (isolated output) Max. load: 550 Ω
Digital input/output Input:
One channel (External alarm)
Non-voltage digital input (isolated input)
Input open signal: 100 kΩ or more
Input close signal: 200 Ω or less
Two channels (Warning/Calibration/Warm-up/Maintenance state/Fault)
Relay contact output (isolated output) Max. 24 V, 1 A at each terminal

*You can select either fixed value or real time HCl correction using H2O concentration.
-Modbus is a trademark of Schneider Electric Inc.
-Consult HORIBA if special probe length is required.



Measurement component HCl, H2O
Measurement range (250℃、101.3kPa) HCl: 0-50,100,200,300,400,500 ppm*1

H2O: 0-50 vol%

Measured optical path length 2m
Repeatability HCl: +/- 1.0% F.S.

H2O: +/- 2.0% F.S.

Linearity HCl: +/- 1.0% F.S.

H2O: +/- 2.0% F.S.

Zero drift +/- 2.0% F.S. / 6 months
Span drift +/- 2.0% F.S. / 6 months
Data update cycle Approx. 2sec
Recommended Calibration cycle 6 months
Calibration method HCl: Manual calibration using gas cell
H2O: Factory calibration*2
Interference +/- 2.0% F.S.
Gas conditions (at standard process gas condition range)
Warm-up time 3hours

*1: Select a measurement range.
*2: You can adjust the H2O indicated value to the manual analysis value. Consult HORIBA for more details.



Usage Conditions

Ambient temperature -20 ~ 55°C (no direct sun rays, radiant heat and heat conduction from flange)
Ambient humidity Relative humidity: 90% or less (no condensation)
Dust Ambient criterion or less
Air purge Instrument air (must not contain oil or mist; no dew formation)
Pressure: 0.2 to 0.25 MPa*
Air purge flow rate 60 L/min or more (depend on the process gas conditions)
Vibration At 1 to 200 Hz, 1.96 m/s2 or less (excluding resonant frequency)
Process gas conditions Temperature: 150 to 250°C

Pressure: 101.3 ± 10 kPa

Flow speed: 25m/s

Dust: 0.1mg/Nm3 or less

* This value is supplied pressure to TX-100 main unit.  In case air passes through the purge unit, the pressure value at the purge unit is 0.2 to 0.9 MPa.



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