The oil deteriorates, becomes acid and turns a brownish colour. At this stage there is a real danger to the transformer as the breakdown voltage deteriorates quickly.

The regeneration process is an economic and eco-friendly alternative to changing the oil. It avoids using a large quantity of new oil and the need to manage the used oil. It reduces oil acidity, dibenzyl disulphide content and the regeneration of the oil without having to shut down the installation.

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Processing oil consists in purifying it by evaporating the water and the dissolved gases in a vacuum. Our machine processes make it possible to combine low operating costs, excellent performance levels and high levels of reliability.

We propose 2 lines of processing machines from 300 to 12,000 litres/hour, but which can go much further depending on client requirements.

The Xe-Lean line is suitable for processing the oil from a tank. It is excellent value for money, performance and quality.

The MAS is more effective. It is mainly designed for service providers and meets specific requirements.


  • Conditions: standard quality mineral oil (distillation curve of 0.01 mb at 80°C) with 50 ppm of water and 10% de dissolved gas in a single passage at an input temperature of 70°C minimum
  • Water content 10 times lower (between 5 and 10 ppm)
  • Dissolved gas content divided by almost 100 (less than 0.1%)
  • Breakdown voltage higher than 75 kV

Service imperatives and network characteristics sometimes make shutting down a transformer to process its oil problematic. A running transformer solution, known as Live Processing is a real advantage in those cases, but requires maximum control and reliability at each step.

In order to allow the processing when the transformer is running, we propose the MAS TEC line of machines. These machines carry out the same moisture removal, degassing and filtering processes as a MAS type machine, but with an additional specific highly secure connection system.

Its automated control system controls each step from connection to disconnection to prevent any operator errors.  During these critical phases, the least entry of air or gas into the oil circuit could lead to the instant and damaging breakdown of the running transformer.

For operator safety, the connection system to the tank must be at a sufficient distance from the terminals and other live parts.


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