Maxei special furnaces

Hot air ventilated atmospheric furnaces are used to dry motors and polymerise resins and varnishes following impregnation without requiring the presence of operators.

Depending on product specifications, temperatures can be adjusted up to 200°C (300°C as an option). A programmer provides gradual heat rise for polymerisation furnaces. Compliance with the gelling and polymerisation steps eliminates thermal shocks and micro-cracking.


  • Deferred start and programmer
  • Recorder
  • Trolleys
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Transformer coils contain many porous materials (wood, cardboard, etc.). Their drying is essential to proper transformer operation and increased service life.

Atmospheric drying furnaces heated to 200°C (300°C as an option) using hot air ventilation can be used to dry small transformers, electric motors or for other applications.

Vacuum furnaces, fitted with our self-adapting process, are recommended for the drying of the active part of medium and high power transformers. Compared to standard processes, drying times and energy consumption are optimised (2 to 3 times faster than a traditional atmospheric solution). Our vacuum drying processes  are automated to optimise the alternating atmospheric and vacuum drying phases. Continuous temperature and moisture content (option) monitoring make it possible to minimise drying times.

Thanks to our processes, our furnaces achieve an exceptional level of efficiency for units of up to 120 tonnes. Compared to other more complex processes, they make it possible to achieve the same result for a significantly lower investment and running cost budget and avoid the use of any hazardous or polluting products.


  • Bespoke production
  • Door types (elliptical movement, side or vertical movement, cover on hinges with cylinders)
  • Condenser to measure the amount of evaporated water
  • Heating type (boiler or heat source provided by the client)
  • Filling the transformer in a vacuum when drying is complete
  • Built in coil calibration system during drying
  • Handling rails mounted on a fold-away bridge at the entrance to the furnace
  • Internal coil heating using low frequency current injection (LFH)


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