NetEP is a permanently-installed, fully automated machine system monitoring solution. It continuously acquires health and performance data on electric motors and the rotating machine systems they operate. With the Baker NetEP, maintenance professionals can safely gather performance data on critical motors around the clock, 365 days a year. They can monitor the condition of motors and the equipment they drive from the convenience and safety of a central office. The system helps reduce costly unplanned downtime by providing information that improves maintenance decision making and planning. The dashboard display of the NetEP’s associated software clearly shows motors in an alarm condition.


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  • Monitors motor systems for any degradation of performance, poor power quality and adverse load conditions
  • Built upon the proven motor system monitoring technologies of the Baker EXP4000 Dynamic Motor Analyser
  • Features proprietary data collection mechanisms that are coupled with standardized computer server and network technologies
  • Operates with a single voltage measurement connection per voltage bus (up to 7 different voltage busses per single NetEP unit), and current sensors installed for each motor being monitored
  • Continuously monitors and analyses more than 120 electrical parameters on up to 32 motors, compares results to user-defined thresholds and generates alerts if these threshold limits are crossed
  • Two data acquisition methods are provided: power quality (acquired every ten seconds) and time waveforms (acquired once per hour)
  • Tracks motor on/off cycles, determines load mismatches and identifies any adverse load oscillations or overloads
  • Generates alerts for environmental factors such as excessive heat on a given motor’s operation
  • Enables an organization’s critical motor assets to communicate if and when they are malfunctioning or experiencing a problem that could lead to failures or downtime
  • Microsoft Windows 7 operating system

The NetEP goes beyond the capabilities of portable testing by providing a timeline of trend information that maximizes visibility into motor system health and performance. Maintenance professionals can use NetEP to monitor motor system performance from virtually anywhere in the world with a PC using the system’s Web-accessible interface. Motor rewinders, for example, can now offer remote electrical and mechanical monitoring of their customers’ critical machinery.


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