When coupled with Baker static motor analysers (i.e., certain Baker DX and AWA-IV models), the Baker PPX Power Packs extend the insulation testing voltage range.  They help verify the condition of insulation on form-wound coils, high voltage AC motors and large DC motors, and are ideal for use in manufacturing, predictive maintenance, and motor rewind and repair settings.

In order to test large, high voltage motors that typically drive the critical processes in industry, higher test voltages and currents than those available in portable motor analysers are required.  Baker Power Packs (when used in concert with a Baker static motor analyser) verify insulation at voltages up to 40 kV, with up to 2600 A of current available.


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  • Used to extend insulation testing range of AWA-IV static motor analysers and DX analysers
  • Test voltages from 5 kV to 40 kV
  • Available in three models (PPX30, PPX40, PPX30A)
  • Mobile, large-wheeled cabinet for easy transport to the test area
  • AC outlet on cabinet for the host unit (i.e., AWA-IV or DX), as well as lead storage
  • Baker PPX30A includes an internal armature test circuit built in for testing large DC motors. When in armature mode, test voltage is limited to 2100 V and the current available is increased up to 7000 A.
  • Complete range of tests (surge, winding resistance, Megohm (PI, DA), continuous ramp DC step-voltage, and DC hipot tests).


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