Qualitrol 609 PDM Transformer and GIS Partial Discharge Monitor

The 609 PDM system is an on-line partial discharge (PD) monitoring system for power transformers, based on industry accepted UHF technology.


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  • Accurate and early incipient fault detection ensures reliable operation and reduces supply outages
  • Creates highly accurate reports on asset condition hence reduces maintenance costs
  • Monitors multiple transformers simultaneously resulting in higher return on investment
  • Robust design and excellent interference immunity for measurements under difficult environmental conditions
  • Advanced HMI provisions(intelligent data handling, display and interpretation)
  • Qualitrol Expert PD analysis services
  • Flexible installation and configuration options to meet customer expectations
  • Smart and quick real time alarming / alerting mechanism
  • Remote monitoring and configuration
  • Expandable and field upgradable without reconfiguration


  • External OCUs (Optical Converter Units) that can support 1 to 6 sensors each
  • Independent system enclosure for 609 base unit and one OCU
  • 1 Ethernet switch (fiber-optic or copper) for each external OCU


The 609 PDM is used to continuously assess the performance of insulation in a power transformers so that corrective actions can be taken before any failure occurs. The information gained from the system is used for condition based maintenance decisions to optimize maintenance expenditure.


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