QUALITROL AKM OTIWTI™ Capillary Based Oil Thermometer

Capillary based, mechanical, remote indicating thermometer. Configurations for oil temperature measurement and winding temperature simulation. Features up to 6 adjustable switches for alarm, trip, and cooling system functions and can be equipped with various electronic outputs for SCADA and remote monitoring applications.


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  • AKM bellows measurement with reset-able maximum pointer
  • Up to 6 fully independent and user adjustable switches (contacts) for control and alarms.
  • Switches can be specified by switch type, hysteresis range, and set point, without limitation of sequential set points.
  • 6 inch (150 mm) dial face with an angular dial span of 260° for maximum ease of measurement interpretation.
  • Built in spring loaded pointer for switch field testing
  • Improved connection ease with a greater number cable glands; 3 x M25 style and 2 x M20 style
  • New and improved swing out case design allows for easy cable connection, switch configuration and testing without removal of the cover
  • Standard switch rated for up to 15 Amps AC and up to 10 Amp DC, switches also available for higher VDC (magnetic blow out, M.B.O.), and switches for milliamp loads
  • Various analog outputs also available (mA, Pt 100, and Cu 10)
  • Each switch can be specified with adjustable hysteresis (5 to 25°C)
  • Non-pressured bellows system better resists leakage when compared to bourdon tube (pressurized) style capillary thermometers
  • Integrated heating element in bellows for winding temperature indication eliminates extra cost and complexity of accessories to simulate the winding
  • AKM bellows system provides a 260° dial deflection (angle the pointer travels from minimum to maximum) making it easier to interpret temperature reading from a distance
  • Same installation footprint and mounting options as the previous generation AKM 345
  • Improved wiring installation with addition of 2 cable glands (for a total of 5) and an increase in size to 3 x M25 and 2 x M20 versus the previous generation


  • Wide range of options allow for standard use of one thermometer series across a wide array of applications and operating conditions
  • Extreme temperature survivability with polar executions for use down to -60°C
  • Enclosures with IP55 or IP65 rating with numerous mounting configurations available
  • Up to 6 user adjustable switches with independent switch types
  • Mounting style, tank connection style, probe length, capillary (length, material, protective housing), compatible well (pocket)
  • SCADA outputs (0-1mA, 4-20mA, Pt 100, and Cu 10), analog and digital remote indicators


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