SMITSVONK E-SPARK High energy ignition device

The E-SPARK ignition device offers reliable ignition of gaseous fuels and light fuel oil.

Available models are compatible with SMITSVONK pilot burners and are integrated in robust industrial made housings which allow an easy and durable installation.


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Technical Data

Electrical connection 20-30 VDC / 100-240 VAC
Power consumption 30-240 VA
Ignition voltage 2000 V
Ignition energy / spark 4, 8 or 12 J
Ignition energy / second up to 80 J/s
Ignition frequency up to 20 sparks / second (4 Joule)
up to 6 sparks / second (12 Joule)
Ambient temperature -40 … +70°C
Max. distance to spark plug 300 m


TECHNOMASTER  is a certified distributor for Smitsvonk in Egypt



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