WORK ITALIA WI332/35 – Short circuiting and grounding equipment for MV overhead bare conductors

Short circuiting and grounding – Medium Voltage – Overhead bare conductors
In compliace with IEC 61230
ICC 9.6 kA / 1 s


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Equipment contents

  • 3 Light alloy contact clamps type PC332 with automatic tightening. Clamping capacity: conductors 3÷32 mm diameter. Attack suitable for fitting on the appropriate seats of the clamp holder head. The clamps are provided, at their lower end, with a special mechanical system that allow the detachment from the clamp holder head only when they are firmly secured on the line conductor, so to prevent their accidental detaching and fall.
  • Light alloy clamp holder head type TPP332, complete of steel recover hook and threaded M10 tang for fixing on the head of the insulating rod (hexagonal or universal attack on demand).
  • 2 Short circuit extraflexible electrolytic copper cables covered by transparent rubber sheath, section 35 mm², length 2,5 m (different lengths on demand).
  • Ground extraflexible electrolytic copper cable covered by transparent rubber sheath, section 16 mm², length 16 m (different lengths on demand), rolled up on cable coiler type 6128.00.
  • Hexagonal CH18 earthing rod type 6056.00.
  • High insulating fiberglass rod type PE2/300FA made of epoxy resin reinforced by fiberglass tube (tube certified in compliance with IEC 61235). Total length 3 m in two elements each length 1,5 m, with fast joint and attack suitable for fitting on clamp holder head.
  • Metallic case type 5007.00 for the equipment.
  • Heavy fabric bag type 5526.00 for the insulating rod.



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