WORK ITALIA WIP1 – Discharge device for electrostatic energy

Discharge devices – Low Medium High Voltage – Overhead lines and cabins
Total length 1.6 m


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Composition of the device

  • High insulating rod type P1/160FA made of polyester resin tube reinforced by fiberglass. Length 1.6 m, Ø 32 mm. Complete of insulating closing cap, hand guard and threaded aluminum M10 attack on the head of rod.
  • Extraflexible electrolytic copper cable covered by transparent plastic sheath section 25 mm2, length 2 m with electrolytic tinned copper lugs and heat shrink reinforcement.
  • Forged brass ground clamps type MT33 connected to one lug of the cable. Clamping capacity: round conductors and bars up to 33 mm
  • Metallic hook with threaded male M10 tang to screw on the head of rod after the insertion of the threaded tang into the hole of the free lug so to obtain the optimal contact between hook and lug and the electrical continuity until the ground clamp.


Alternative versions
WIP1/120FA-GSO-P2/2-MT22 Length 1.2 m, clamping 22 mm
WIP1/200FA-GSO-P2/5-MT33 Length 2 m, cables 5 m
WIPE1/200FA-GSO-P2/5-MT33 Lenght 2 m, cables 5 m, tube PE CEI EN 61235


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