HORIBA APMC-370 Air Pollution Multi-gas Calibrator

Multigas Calibrator for AP Analyzers

Dilution of gases with high accuracy and precision requires high quality MFC’s, especially for high dilution ratios and ranges. Consequently HORIBA’s APMC-370 is equipped with digital MFC’s. These MFC’s are factory calibrated, optional also with a special Polynomial Calibration. HORIBA Europe‘s APMC-370 is designed to calibrate gas analyzers manually, remotely controlled or automatically. It is installed in air pollution monitoring stations for quality assurance in the laboratory and also in the production of gas analyzers.

A special feature of HORIBA’s APMC-370 is the big size touch screen panel, for ease of operation. Characteristic of the operation of HORIBA’s APMC-370 is the intuitive, simple and user friendly menu (for instance control of flow rate: µg/m³, mg/m³, ppb, ppm, automatic cycles etc.) Via the touch screen it is e.g. possible to enter span gas concentrations or to start automatic routines like multi point calibration cycles.

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  • Fullfills the requirements of the latest EN-Norms especially in respect to the linearity check
  • Exceeds the US EPA requirements
  • Measurement methods according to international standards
  • Microprocessor controlled with touch screen LCD display
  • Precision of span gas concentration : better than 1%
  • Linearity of span gas concentration : better than 1%
  • Multipoint Calibration : 8 individually adjustable cycles, each with up to 20 calibration points
  • Each calibration cycle runs also automatically
  • Both 19” rack mounted version or Portable version
  • Options:
    1. Additional mass flow controllers ( max. 8 )
    2. Ozone oven for the calibration of Ozone analyzers and / or Gas Phase Titration (GPT)
    3. Internal zero gas calibration system
    4. Permeation oven


Principle of test gas production via dilution
Accuracy <±2% reproducibility
Optional: O3 generation Internal O3 via a UV tube in a thermostatically controlled enclosure
Maximum concentration ±500ppb at 1l/min
Temperature From 40°C to 75°C adjustable
Preset 70°C for UV chamber
Regulation via PD controller with PT100 sensor
Accuracy 0,1°C
Setting the target temperature / optional via HMI (Human Machine Interface)
Display of actual temperature / optional On the HMI
Gas flow control calibration gas 1x Digital Thermal Mass Flow Controller (MFC) for standard flow
Optional: 2x Digital Thermal MFCs for dynamic flow
Gas flow control dilution air (zero gas) 1x Digital Thermal MFC
Accuracy of the MFC ± 0,8% of current value plus ± 0,2% of FS
Reproducibility of MFC <0,2% of reading
Pressure sensitivity 0,1% /bar, typical for N2
Inlet pressure 2bar
Flow range calibration gas 5-50ml/min and 25-250ml/min
Flow range zero gas 0,08-5l/min
Control time for 98% value at maximum set point jump 3 to 5 seconds
Stability control <±0,1%FS
Warm-up time for best result 30min
Flow display via HMI
Housing 19″ Rack, 3HU
Display / Operation via HMI
Touch sensitive LCD screen on the front panel (640×480 pixels)
No. of Inlets Depending on the configurtion, 1x to 8x max.
Test gas cylinder inlet connection Swagelok 3mm
Test gas outlet connection 6mm screw PVDF
Zero gas connection 6mm screw PVDF
Power supply 110-230V, 50-60Hz



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