Qualitrol 104/TR6000 Capillary Based Oil Thermometer

Capillary based, remote indicating, mechanical thermometer. Features bourdon tube measurement with reset-able maximum pointer and up to 4 switches for temperature related alarms and control signals. Electronic outputs also available for integration into SCADA and remote monitoring systems.


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  • Bourdon tube based capillary measurement with reset-able maximum pointer
  • Up to 2 user adjustable switches (contacts) and one additional fixed switch for control and alarms
  • 5 inch (130mm) dial face with an angular dial span of 120° for easy viewing
  • Low profile probe can be dressed for use in dry type transformers
  • Stainless steel bezel ring and probe resist corrosion
  • UV stabilized polycarbonate or glass lens options help prevent discoloration of dial face and lens for life-long readability
  • Available with up to 4 user-adjustable switches featuring lock down screws to reduce the effects of vibration and inhibit tampering


  • Probe type and size, capillary length, protective armor and mounting styles can all be specified to meet your requirements
  • Models available for bearing temperature and dry-type transformer winding temperature applications
  • Optional SCADA analog outputs (0-1 mA and 4-20 mA) with integrated power supplies provide signals for remote monitoring and data acquisition


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