Qualitrol 105 Capillary Based Oil Thermometer

Capillary based, remote indicating, mechanical thermometer. Features a compact design for space restricted applications and bourdon tube measurement with resettable maximum pointer. Available with up to 3 switches for temperature related alarms and control signals.


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  • Bourdon tube based capillary measurement with resettable maximum pointer
  • Up to 2 user adjustable switches (contacts) and one additional fixed switch for control and alarms
  • 5 inch (130 mm) dial face with an angular dial span of 120° for easy viewing
  • Low profile probe can be dressed for use in dry type transformers
  • Minimize the space required for remote indication
  • 75″ (146 mm) outer case diameter for small installation footprint
  • 120° dial deflection (angular range of pointer) and 5″ (127 mm) dial face for easy interpretation of measurement
  • Control cooling, alarms and other auxiliary equipment
  • Up to 2 user adjustable switches (contacts) and one additional fixed switch (set by the factory) for control and alarms
  • Multiple switches can be set to actuate at same temperature and lockdown screws reduce the effects of vibration and tampering on the switch settings
  • UL and CSA recognized switches
  • Increase reliability with rugged design and corrosion resistant materials
  • Vented (free-breathing) models feature dual breathers that act as vacuum breakers to prevent unwanted moisture intake
  • Molded neoprene channel gasket uniformly clamped in place with a powder coated, die-cast aluminum bezel ring and stainless steel hardware, sealing against water entry around entire lens
  • Reset knob magnetically coupled through front of lens reduces the possibility of moisture entry
  • UV-stabilized polycarbonate lens has high-impact strength and resists clouding and yellowing with age
  • Double-braided armored capillary tube withstands environmental extremes
  • Die-cast aluminum housing resists corrosion with two-part epoxy finish
  • Simplify installation and operation
  • Mounts directly onto the transformer or to shock mount
  • Maximum temperature pointer follows indicating pointer upward and remains at hottest reading to track high temperature levels until reset


  • Temperature ranges applicable for oil (liquid) or winding (winding simulation requires heated well or Qualitrol Thermal plate)
  • Up to 3 switches
  • Tank connection style. probe length, and compatible well
  • Capillary length, material and protective housing
  • Electrical connection type, connector cable type and wire colors


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