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The MDSP3 detects rotor cage winding faults including broken rotor bars, cracked shorting rings and unequal air gaps in induction motors


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The Iris Power Motor Digital Signal Processor MDSP3 is a portable instrument specifically designed to monitor squirrel‐cage induction motors. The Iris Power MDSP3 detects rotor cage winding faults including broken rotor bars, cracked shorting rings, die‐cast manufacturing faults, and unequal air gaps as they are the causes of many mechanical and electrical failure mechanisms in induction motors.

The Iris Power MDSP3 uses the Current Signature Analysis technology which relies on the concept that faults in the induction motor rotor or driven components result in changes to the rotor magnetic field pattern. Unique magnetic rotating fields are produced due to the faults which induce detectable stator current components indicative of the fault.


  • Advanced Algorithms to accurately predict the operating slip from the measured current. The slip calculations can also be done at different loads.
  • Detects cage winding faults and eccentricity with the use of a single clamp-on current sensor connected to the secondary side of 50 or 60 Hz motor current transformer; or around one of the phase leads.
  • Reduces the risk of false indications by distinguishing between noise and legitimate rotor bar problems, with a noise floor greater than 100 dB.
  • All testing is done on‐line, in less than 75 seconds in normal mode, to find problems before they cause additional motor
  • Accurately tests motors under varying load conditions  and  includes two current probes to cover a wider range of current from 5A to 1000A.
  • Needs only one input from a current probe clamped directly to one of the phase leads or the secondary side of a CT at the motor MCC or breaker.  Processor is powered through the USB connection or 100 to 200 V 50/60 Hz power supply.


  • Rugged data acquisition unit with Windows operating system and pre-installed software for Iris Power MDSP3 (Panasonic Toughbook or similar)


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